How does the YeWoNet application process work? 

Does YeWoNet make money?

No. We are a nonprofit. This allows us to give all profits back to our workers in the form of bonuses and also to defray the cost of money transfer to pay our workforce.


How do workers get paid?

If accepted into the workforce,  we send workers their pay biweekly, on the 1st and 15th of the month. We can send workers money via Cash (Western union/Remitly), mobile money( MTN momo), or ACH transfer. 

We pay biweekly to keep money transfer costs low by using cost of scale. If you wish to have money sent to you faster, contact us and we can make it happen. However, we will subtract the cost of sending the money immediately from your pay.


How much do we get paid?

It depends on the task. The pay for tasks start at 30 cedis and increase in rate based on difficulty and anticipated time to be spent.


I don’t have a laptop, how do I submit work?

Most work can be done with a mobile phone as well.

Are you currently accepting applications?

Not currently. Due to some of the impacts of COVID, we have paused work for now.

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